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Soundworks Music news


9bach-1024x1024Simon has been collaborating with Gruff Rhys on a remix for Real World Records’ fantastic 9 Bach.

Their latest release Tincian is a beautiful album encompassing many musical styles, but with a strong identity of its own. You can listen to the remix here. 

Read more about 9Bach at 9bach.com and @9bach on Twitter.


Gruff Rhys was also recording at Soundworks recently for a new short film “Dad” which is being made for S4C and the European Broadcast Union.

Gruff Rhys film scoring at Soundworks
Gruff Rhys film scoring at Soundworks

Gruff took a day out of his busy touring schedule to work with Simon Jones in Studio 1 to create a number of music cues for the film as well as a theme for the end credit roller.  The film is set on the beaches and in the dunes of North Gower and Gruff composed some lovely sparse guitar themes that perfectly complement the landscape and the drama. We captured Gruff’s guitar and voice with vintage U87s through our new Neve 1073 mic pres.

“Dad” is the first production from Ffilmworks, a new company with close connections to Soundworks and we were heavily involved in the location sound recording as well doing the audio post on the film. Read more about Dad at their Facebook page

Filming Dad
Filming Dad
Writer Catrin Clarke, Producer Sophie Francis Jones
Writer Catrin Clarke, Producer Sophie Francis Jones
Director Ashley Way
Director Ashley Way










We’ve made what is potentially our craziest investment to date in purchasing a beautiful Studer A800 24 track from a celebrity owner with very low hours. It’s fully serviced and ready to roll, even sync able to video via Microlynx. IMG_4065We also have 24 tracks of Dolby SR available. We can now provide that unmistakable analogue sound.

We’ve also installed some lovely Neve 1073 Mic amps. These compliment our Neumann U87, U47 and TLM 170 vocal mics beautifully. IMG_3675Some new outboard also in the shape of the UBK Fatso compressor and Empirical Labs Lil Freq analogue EQ.






Lauren Harries and Ed Russell have been tracking vocals through our Neumanns and Neve mic pres for Lauren’s new music project. Find out more about Lauren here

And finally Russi Harley has been writing at Soundworks for the mysterious new
Zibra album. Follow Zibra here

New toys & Studios refurb

During June & July Studios 1&2 were treated to a refurb and some equipment upgrades. The studios look smarter and are comfier with new sofas featuring fabrics from Melyn Tregwynt.

We also added some lovely new outboard including Neve 1073 IMG_3674mic amps, Empirical Labs Distressor compressors, UBK Fatsos and Lil Freq EQ de-essers.

Studer_A800_MK_III_front_(Bullet_Sound_Studios)Probably the most exciting new addition however is our ultra low hours pristine Studer A800 24 track multitrack with Dolby SR.
This stunning machine comes from a celebrity owner and is fully serviced to spec and ready for action.

Ready for our busy season, Studio 1 also got a new Mac Pro with Sonnet Thunderbolt expansion chassis along with two Apple thunderbolt displays. Pro Tools systems were also upgraded to version 11.