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The Martian

Yes, it’s true, we worked on The Martian.  We spent a pleasant Sunday afternoon in the company of Jessica Chastain , who happened to be  in

Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain

the vicinity of Cardiff filming another project, working through her ADR for the amazing storm scene at the beginning of the film.   The Martian is a great movie and Soundworks is proud to have been a part of it.

Stella series 5 for Sky One

We’ve just completed episodes 41-50 of the highly successful comedy drama ‘Stella’ for Tidy Productions.  Working on Stella is always a thoroughly enjoyable experience and this series was no exception.

Soundworks provides full in-house sound editing, foley and mixing for the series. We provide full international M&E tracks and final mixes in 5.1 for both Sky and BBC worldwide.

Quoted from

Series 5

Following a turbulent ride with Michael in the romance department last series, this latest outing sees Stella decide to forgive and forget his past indiscretions. She’s so tolerant, she even offers to take in the child he fathered during a fling with Beyoncé. But with a commute to London

Beyoncé and Rhian
Beyoncé and Rhian

now on the cards for Michael, it’ll be far from an easy ride. Plus, Stel’s first husband Rob arrives in Pontberry with life-changing news for son Luke, while new undertaker-turned-dance teacher Ivan Schloss (Tony Gardner) gets pulses racing, that of Nadine in particular. Love is also in the air for Jagadeesh, who falls for the pub’s cleaner (Suzanne Packer).

Ruth Jones says of the new series: “Episode ten of this new series will actually be the 51st episode! It’s so exciting. Friday nights are still an appointment to view in our house even though we’ve seen all the episodes right through the edit etc. David and I will watch it go out with a big proud smile on our faces. We really are so chuffed with the series Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 09.50.46and can’t quite believe we’ve made this many episodes!”