Simon H Jones

freelance sound dubbing / re-recording mixer Bristol / Cardiff


Foley - the ancient art of adding footsteps, body moves and other effects after the event in post production.

When sound recordists on location are concentrating on capturing the best possible quality dialogue from the actors who are only there once, other effects like footsteps and body moves may be lacking. Foley adds that back to create a more natural sound.

The other purpose of Foley is to provide a complete sound effects track for foreign versions, where the foreign language producers can simply add their dialogue over the top of a complete sound fx and music mix of the programme, without the original language dialogue. This is called creating a fully filled ‘M&E’ (music and effects) track.

Finally, Foley can be the quickest and best way to create sound for something that could never really be imagined in real life.

I’ve been doing Foley for over 30 years, starting out at Pinewood studios in the 1980’s on a feature film. I regularly provide Foley for a network weekly drama series, along with the productions I’m currently working on